Promoting vegetable gardening

Warmest greetings to all. Today we are officially launching our newest project providing support to the elderly affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. The details are below;

“The project will provide food security, health, nutrition and income during this time of the Coronavirus pandemic to 350 elderly people and their families in Manticao Municipality in Misamis Oriental. The coming months will be particularly difficult for them in terms of access to food as government help is dwindling and there is no let-up in the negative impact of the pandemic.

The project will provide food security via backyard vegetable gardening and root crop production on the very short-term and onwards as some vegetables mature quickly. Aside from food and nutrition, vegetables and root crops will be source of much needed cash in the coming months. The elderly are prohibited from travel and backyard gardening will provide them much-needed leisure, physical exercise, ward-off boredom, enjoyment and improves peace of mind.”

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