Initiatives to assist small-scale coconut farming families

One of our initiatives is to assist small-scale coconut farming families. Below is an update;

Warmest greetings and thank you very much for your generous support to our initiative helping women coconut farmers.

This project assumes great significance especially this time when the Coronavirus pandemic is still spreading, wrecking havoc to health and wellness of individuals and specially affecting those who are very poor and economically deprived.

This reporting period, we scale-up our product processing and marketing effort of raw products grown under coconuts with the enrollment of one of our active leaders to an entrepreneurship course organized by the government. One of the products of the course is the consolidation of raw products that can be grown under coconut trees such as corn, turmeric, ginger and lemon grass and produce organic coffee with the aim also of benefiting directly growers of these products. At a distance of 10 square meters coconut planting, there are a lot of spaces where shade-loving crops can be grown so this line of entrepreneurship.

Hoping for your continuing help and generosity.

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