Launching a Common Service Facility

The project is aimed at providing common service facility for small-scale farmers living in the interior of Naawan and neighboring Manticao municipalities who are engaged in growing cacao, coffee, corn and turmeric. These farm products are readily available, however farm-gate prices are controlled by middlemen and are very low. Shelf-life of farm products is also very low adding to its low price. However an opportunity arise in that the products are easily processed and the shelf-life is prolonged at the same time providing tremendous value.

For example, a kilo of raw turmeric here sells for pesos 15 while the powdered counterpart sells for pesos 1,200 (10 kilos raw = 1 kilo powdered, so price per kilo is pesos 120). The shelf-life for powdered turmeric is 2 years.

Cacao too when made into tablea sells very high compared to when farmers sells beans. Including organic corn coffee, these products have high demand in the market. Corn coffee is made from corn, coffee, moringa and lemongrass. Moringa and lemongrass locally have no or little value but they make the organic coffee tastes better and have great health benefits.

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