Climate Change

Our Toyota Environment Fund supported project in Leyte is gaining momentum. This project aims to; 

To conduct a quick survey of 600 existing coconut farms around Palo Municipality, Northeast Leyte, and identity 300 farmers who have strong interests in agroforestry conversion and reforestation. Afterwards, we will conduct a detailed socioeconomic survey of 300 participant farmers on their background of typhoon damage and current livelihood conditions. The surveys will be conducted by a team of 3 WAND staff, the faculty of the Ecological Farm and Resource Management Research Institute (ECO-FARMI) and affiliated 5 research assistants at the Visayas State University.

To supply 300 participant farms 24,000 trees and seedlings (including 9,000 high-valued hardwood trees, 9,000 fruit and bamboo trees and 6,000 vegetables and root crops). We will also provide them training on organic farming, livestock farming, agroforestry, afforestation, and extension of farming through technical support from ECO-FARMI, WAND Foundation and other ind

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