Benefits of Gardening

Vegetables are needed by the body. Vegetables are full of vitamins and minerals.

Many Filipinos are deficient in vegetable consumption even if vegetables are easy to grow. The average consumption of Filipinos of green leafy vegetables is 12.4 kilos while our body needs 32.4 kilos (Food Nutrition and Research Institute data).

The main reason why Filipinos do not eat vegetables is their ignorance about the importance of vegetables in our nutrition and diet.

Raising vegetables means less expense and more savings for the family.

Vegetable gardening unites the family as the members of the family raise vegetables together. It also relieves stress and depression.

Vegetables grown around the house are much more safer than the vegetables one buys in the market. Especially this time with restrictions to movement is curtailed, growing food in the home is indeed very practical.

Vegetable gardening will help one physically and it is one form of good exercise and medicine for depression.

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